Master Key Lock

Master key or master keying is the capability to use one "Master" key to open one or more locks that are not actually keyed the same. Locks are safer because the restricted key-way decreases the possibility of accidental opening using the incorrect key.

Master keys are also used by landlords or landladies in apartment complexes where they have a master key that could open a door in each flat, and at the same time, each occupant also possess a key to their own unit. That same key may also open the main door into their building or other common areas. But it cannot open other units unlike master keys.

Master key system is a complex system that involves grand master and sub master keys. If you want to have one key to all different doors, then master key is what you need.

According to the requirements of the key holder, we are able to create different master key systems. Dial our number and get free of charge quotation. Our customer support is available 247.